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FAA Forms/Regulations

Below you will find a compilation of FAA forms and regulations relating to common questions that we receive.

FAA Forms
FAA Regulations

FAR Part 43 Appendix D Checklist for Annual, Condition or 100 hour Inspections
  • Is it airworthy?

    An aircraft can be considered airworthy, or in a condition for safe operation, if it meets the inspection requirements of CFR (FAR) 43 Appendix D.

    FAR 43 appendix D is a checklist prepared by the FAA. It is a list of the Scope and Detail of Items (as applicable to the particular aircraft) to be Included in Annual and 100-Hour Inspection for all certification categories of aircraft. Factory checklists, when meeting the minimums of appendix D, should be used as they generally contain items specific to your model aircraft.

    The FAR Appendix D Checklist may be downloaded here.
FAR Part 45 - Identification and Registration Marking