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About Calumetair

Calumetair began life back in the late 1970's as Calumet Aeronautics.

Founder Tom Milton noticed several pilots around the country were using "Airguide" wind meters as airspeed indicators on their gyroplanes. Tom wanted to use one on his Bensen gyroplane, but was unable to find one locally. A call to Airguide found the popularity of these wind meters lagging, and few of Airguide's retail outlets were stocking them. Tom inquired about a dealership, and Calumet Aeronautics was born.

Cal Aero, as it was affectionately known, soon added gyro safety items to its line of accessories and before long, became an Air Command gyroplane dealer. When the opportunity presented itself, Cal Aero purchased the manufacturing rights and assets of the dormant SnoBird Aircraft Company.

SnoBird Aircraft produced one of the most modern and best looking gyroplanes on the market. One of the features of the SnoBird gyroplane was its use of a well-designed and good-looking seat fuel tank.

Cal Aero geared up to manufacture kits and return SnoBird gyroplanes to the marketplace.

After a name change, Calumet Motorsports produced SnoBird gyroplane kits for a number of years and enjoyed some success - too much success in fact. It was time to take the company to the next level, and that would require a major commitment. The decision was made to sell SnoBird Aircraft.

Several years later, SnoBird Aircraft was once again for sale. The owner agreed to sell the seat tank manufacturing end of the business back to Calumet Motorsports (Calumetair) so we are, once again, manufacturing and selling the finest seat tanks available anywhere.


February 14, 2007, our good friend Dick Wunderlich passed away rather unexpectedly. We have since purchased the Wunderlich prerotator and rotorbrake business and feel proud to have the opportunity to carry on Dick's tradition of service to the gyroplane community worldwide.

Tom Milton was appointed as a Designated Airworthiness Representative of the West Chicago Flight Standards District Office of the FAA. Tom has been designated to perform airworthiness certifications of Experimental Amateur-Built, Experimental Light-Sport and Special-Light-Sport aircraft.

We are committed to offering quality products and services at a reasonable price. We welcome your comments.

Tom Milton and family would like to thank all of our past customers, many of whom have become some of our best friends.

Fly Safe!