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Designated Airworthiness Services

A Designated Airworthiness Representative is a person, appointed by the FAA, who is authorized to perform some functions normally attributed to an FAA Aviation Safety Inspector (ASI).

A DAR is not an FAA employee and is paid directly by the end user. A DAR appointment is a privilege and not a right. After meeting the qualifications, the DAR receives extensive initial training in Oklahoma City, OK. and must receive recurrent training to maintain their authorization. The FAA may also perform airworthiness certifications, but generally considers amateur-built certification to be a very low priority and may take months before visiting your project.

 As a DAR, I strive to offer you the most timely, painless and trouble-free certification service possible. I guide my applicants through the entire procedure and complete and disburse all of the complicated paperwork involved.

If using me as your DAR, your function in the process is:

  • Fill out our simple Amateur-Built questionnaire
  • Have your aircraft completed (unfinished paint, interior trim and cosmetics are "OK").
  • Check your aircraft for "airworthiness" utilizing FAA FAR 43 Appendix D.
  • Have your aircraft registered (N number assigned, not reserved) and have your white card returned to you.
  • Perform a weight and balance calculation.
  • Have at least one hour running time on the engine.
  • I'll do the rest!
  • Call or e-mail me to book an appointment. I am available for certifications most days, evenings and weekends.

DAR Service pricing 

      Fees for aircraft certification

  • $350 standard fee
  • $1.50 per mile charged one way ($.075 mile round trip) for travel, lodging and time
  • Aircraft trailerable? Bring it to us and pay only the standard fee